On The Day

Flowers & Donations

Traditionally, flowers are sent by friends and relatives to remember and form a tribute to the person who has died. These are usually arranged by us on your behalf, or delivered to us by the family florist. Either way, we usually remove the plastic, delivery bags and polythene wrappers to make the presentation on and around the coffin in the hearse more pleasing.

If the deceased had a favourite charity, you may want to ask people to donate money to a particular fund. We are very pleased to handle this for you, and will collect the funds, acknowledge receipt to each individual donor and send you a list of the donors and of the total received some time after the funeral. We work closely with many charities, and are quite used to dealing with donations.

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Music & Hymns

You may wish to think about music at the funeral. Usually at the Crematorium or Church there is time for one or more hymns to be sung or pieces of music played during the ceremony. Often we arrange for music to be played as you enter and leave the chapel. We have access to a very wide range of music and are happy to help with selecting the perfect pieces for your loved one.

Order of Service

If you would like a lasting memory for everyone who attends the funeral then we are pleased to help, advise you and liaise with the minister to produce Service Forms. These can have photographs of the deceased and some words of poetry and if appropriate the words to hymns or songs during the service. They can also just be guide to people as to what is happening during the ceremony. We print these in-house to ensure individuality and promptness.

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Coffins & Caskets

B Hattersley & Sons provides simple coffins and more bespoke coffins. We can still produce hand-crafted coffins in our own workshops from solid timber, and indeed can produce an Upholstered Cremation Coffin, a Solid Mahogany Coffin, or exclusively a Traditional Solid English Oak Coffin.

We are very conscious of the need to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Our policy is to buy timber from sustainable sources which are being properly managed and replanted “one for one”.

We are in the forefront of promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials in coffin production; particularly for cremation to conform with the most recent regulations on air pollution control. We also provide various different modern alternatives, including wicker/willow, bamboo, leaf and even cardboard coffins.